Through effective participation of the community people and conducting Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) the following sectors has been prioritized;


One of the main focuses is to give adequate emphasis on WaSH to balance between service delivery and advocacy initiatives. The main barrier to WaSH improvement is a lack of hygiene education and facilities. Because of its importance in improving overall WaSH situation, we put more emphasis on hygiene education and facilitated for different hygiene issues in the community through Community members and volunteers. The water-borne diseases spread rapidly due to the unhygienic living condition. Because of unconsciousness and lack of environmental sanitation combined with poor personal hygiene, a large number of diseases commonly found in the poor community are caused through water. It should be mentioned that the WatSan problems causes great threats to the overall progress of the poor communities and as a whole to the national development process. With this understanding water and sanitation issue have been considered as important factor in the recent years. In the poor Community lack of pure drinking water accompanied with poor sanitation deteriorate the overall health situations of poor community.


Bangladesh is likely the worst affected countries by climate change. This due to its unique geographic location, hydro- geological characters like dominance of floodplains, low elevation from the sea and lastly the socio- economical characters like high population density, high levels of poverty, and overwhelming dependence on nature, its resources and service. Unfortunately, the country’s future is now trapped between the melting Himalayas in the north and the encroaching Bay of Bengal to the south. The concerned sectors are mainly natural resources, agriculture and food security, infrastructure, ecosystems and biodiversity, human health and coastal zones. Hence, Climate change is not only an “environmental” concern but also economic and finally a “development” concern for Bangladesh. These may retards the targets of MDG’s as well as countries target to be a middle income country by the year 2021.

 Some impacts like higher temperatures, more variable precipitation and sea level rise are already being felt in Bangladesh. Eventually, there is an increasing trend in s frequencies of extreme weather events including more intense floods, droughts, and storms. These will likely continue to intensify and become more severe. Alike other countries Bangladesh will suffer the global effects of climate change. Melting of ice sheets and associated sea- level rise, changes in ocean circulations salt- water intrusion, reducing fresh water supplies and increasing vector bone dangerous diseases are some of the global climate change impacts. Major disruptions associated with large-scale climate change impacts occurring elsewhere could affect Bangladesh through diverting flows of goods, services and financial resources.


Adequate food clothing, shelter are beyond their reach. Clean water, health care and education are only a dream for them. Many mothers only have food for one meal/day, so they feed them at night so they can sleep. We would to over come gradually such kind of scenario through Sponsorship Program. We continuously involving deprive and down trodden children by providing financial support for their survival. Our noble intention to provide them education, adequate food, Medicare, humanistic atmosphere so once upon a time they will bloom just like roses in the society. Please expand your merciful hands towards them with sponsorship for one child. We constantly launchings the following programs for the survival of the deprived children.

  1. Child Sponsorship Program.
  2. Child Education & Development Program.


* Mother & Child Development Program

Note: Age group: 5-16 Years with both sex but priority is given towards girls.

* Women Development

* Family Planning and Health Education

* Human Rights

* Agriculture Entrepreneurship Development and IGA’s