Welcome to Sharan

The new vision of development for all, aims at making programme, relevant to life and focusing on practice and gaining, skills. The strategies for meeting the basic processing needs are multi-dimensional and the processes for broadening the scope of basic programme, building new alliances and enhancing the processing and implementing environment are not practically easy.  While the methods and means of attaining those goals are community specific and culture specific interested organizations may gain a lot by exchanging the divers and rich experience that exist round the world in the related field.

In the above context, SHARAN is a regional nonprofit and non political voluntary  development organization of Bangladesh where nearly 60 pc of people are still poverty – stricken, hard-core poor, helpless and deprived from the blessings of enlightenment through practice, learned over the years that with motivation, planning and a coordinated approach, much could be achieved with even scanty resources. Initially SHARAN has launching its manifold activities from 1990 with participatory approaches,

Currently SHARAN is implementing village development and slums development program both in the deprived and backward rural and urban areas of greater Chittagong region. The general approach of SHARAN is total development of all sections of the society and following total village Development  Programme (TVDP) process with self reliance principles, much of the work is done by and from within community. SHARAN does the initial motivational works and organizes distinct homogeneous socio-economic groups, namely farmers, landless, women, youth, slum dwellers and availed vocational groups within the village and urban area who then from village and slum area development committee with equitable representation from each such groups.